SS23 Assemblé Collection

The SS23 ‘Assemblé’ Collection is not only our biggest collection, the over-all expression of this collection has also become more empowering and timeless compared to earlier collections - in line with Kerne.milk becoming a more established brand.

The specific source of inspiration for the SS23 ‘Assemblé’ Collection is Ballet. The styles are specifically inspired by the composition of workout clothes and dance wear in the Ballet training room.

‘Assemblé’ is a step in classical ballet. The word is derived from French, meaning ‘to unite’. Our collection unites comfort, functionality and sensuality. Diverse materials and a variety of styles are linked together through harmonious colours, and a focus on the natural shapes of different bodies is key to this collection. Elements that all together support our goal of creating styles that never expire - styles that are easy to mix and match across materials, easy to dress up or down for work, everyday life or parties.

The collection also includes a few loose styles, bringing a new way to emphasize the body by combining the loose and voluminous styles with more fitted styles.