Kerne.milk was founded in 2019 by Creative Director Marie Mark.

Kerne.milk is a Copenhagen based fashion brand founded from a desire of creating a different approach to the fashion industry. We never compromise on our material choices or aesthetics when designing and producing in a sustainable way. At the end of the loop, we are using offcuts from our production to create new meaningful products.

Marie Mark has a background as a dancer and takes inspiration from the dance environment, which makes the lines of the body a central element in our designs. One of our biggest motivations is to make women feel good about their bodies. When playing with materials, shapes and lines of the garment, we aspire to create garments for everyone to wear, with a focus on comfort. We want to embrace imperfections whilst exploring and challenging the traditional ideas of fashion.

In the early days of Kerne.milk, all garments were sewn and developed by order from Marie’s apartment in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, with assistance from ‘Huset Venture’, which is a social non-profit enterprise seeking to create jobs for people with reduced working abilities.

In line with our brand becoming more established, we are now working with two responsible production teams in Romania and in Egypt as well as with Huset Venture for our Scraps collections.