About us

 Kerne.milk was founded by Marie Mark in 2019, In the beginning, everything was sown and developed by order from Marie's apartment in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. 

Kerne.milk is a fashion brand built on the foundation of creating another approach into the fashion industry. We dream of setting an example for other young designers to get started, by sending the message that it is possible to create a fashion company with a focus on aesthetics in a sustainable way. We never compromise in our material focus from choosing good materials to at the end of the loop using offcuts from our production to create new meaningful products. 

By meeting this goal we have developed the concept “SCRAPS” where we use all cut-off fabrics from production to create new styles. This concept and technique allow us to explore new ways of using the cut-offs and applying a further step in the longevity of the material journey.

We work in collaboration with Huset Venture, which is a social not-for-profit enterprise that seeks to create jobs for people with reduced working abilities.